About Jeff


Who Is Jeff Hobbs?

From the beginning, Jeff has been the ultimate underdog.

Born with cerebral palsy and a love of sports, his greatest ambition was to someday become an athlete. Unfortunately, Jeff’s roadmap to achievement was anything but easy – not because he has cerebral palsy, but because of the limits placed onto him by others.

After being rejected from numerous teams – including those with a “no-cut” policy – Jeff carved his own path. Ever persistent, Jeff’s mentality led to his breakthrough! Ultimately earning his chance to compete, Jeff’s robust spirit and relentless work ethic propelled him into a future filled with ongoing achievement and success.

His hard work and dedication led him to compete athletically at the collegiate level. The inspirational affect he had on teammates, competitors, and spectators alike was universal, and at the end of his collegiate career, an annual race was renamed in his honor.

What Does Jeff Speak About?

Raw, real, and authentic are all words associated with Jeff’s presentation. Jeff uses his own battle scars, illustrative storytelling, and innovative teaching strategies to expand your ideas of what is possible.

Having lived a life that is practically unimaginable, yet all too real, Jeff is able to challenge your idea of what an obstacle truly is!

Through newfound perseverance and confidence, he will condition your mind to embrace struggles and conquer obstacles.